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How much do you know about the coil binding of the customized notebooks?

21 Apr 2020 - Customized notebooks

In the bookstore and stationery store, you will find more and more customized notebooks are made with the coil binding. And the greatest advantage of coil binding is the notebook can be lay flat totally, so that people can write on it more easily. But do you know there are also many types of coil binding? How much do you know about the coil binding of the customized notebooks? 


  Firstly, the most common coil binding is the spiral binding, many people just called it coil binding. Spiral binding is the single coil binding type, which means just one wire through all the binding holes of the customized notebooks. There has two spiral binding: metal spiral binding and plastic spiral binding. The advantage of the spiral binding is, the page is not easy to fall off because there is no gap. And there has many color of the spiral binding for you to choose, but the most common color is the gold color. Even gold color is divided into deep gold, light gold and rose gold.

  Wire-O binding is very popular for the customized notebooks as well. Even many customers prefer the Wire-O binding than spiral binding. Wire-O binding is very similar with spiral binding, the difference between them is the coils. Wire-O binding is the double coil binding but the spiral binding is the single coil binding. And there has only metal Wire-O binding, no plastic option. Wire-O binding also has many color to choose, just same as spiral binding.

  Except the spiral binding and Wire-O binding, there has other coil binding types such as dicebound and ring binding. The greatest advantage of these two binding methods is that the inside pages can be taken out and put in at any time. There has two ring binding types: D-ring binding and O-ring binding, just the ring shape is different.

  And for the spiral binding, Wire-o binding and ring binding, they also can be hidden in the hardcover if you want. And there has square spine and round spine to choose. Above is all the options of coil binding types of the customized notebooks, but if you have any ideas or questions, please contact us at any time!

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