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Customized Weekly & Daily Agenda Planner

24 Jun 2019 - Customized weekly agenda,custom Daily agenda

Nowadays, Customized weekly & Daily Agenda is very popular in Developed counties. Why they are popular? Cause we can people can design their own images and own words. Which shows their creative. We can print the customized weekly & daily agenda with your own design. And you can find there are many type attractive agendas with our clients’ own artworks in our website and Alibaba platform.custom weekly planner agenda printing

Customized Weekly & daily agenda/planner/journal/diary, different countries has different calling for the notebooks. But they are all the same products. For the customized weekly & daily agenda, most client would like the cover to be with beautiful images and with other special finished such as gold foil, embossed or debossed. Of course, different material should have different finished. Such as the clients in East West and Africa love the agenda to have leather cover with LOGO gold foil or embossed or debossed. But the clients in UK and USA and some other developed countries love the agenda to have paper material with colorful printing. Cause they pay more attention on the recycle and environment-friendly.So if you need to inquiry your own customized weekly & daily agenda, then you will have different material and LOGO finished to choose.

For the printing of the interior or customized weekly planners, there are two options. Full color printing or black and white printing. For the design, mostly we are accept our client’s own artworks. But if needed, we can help with the artworks makings. But we need to your instruction and high-res images. Of course, there will be some design fee caused. However, if you only need to inner pages to be black and white printing, we can offer our own artworks for you. Of course, it would be better if you have your own artworks.

For customized weekly & daily agenda, we can accept the whole books with your own artworks for you. You can only custom the LOGO on cover but the inside will be lined pages or blank. Which will have more best price. Anyway, whatever customized weekly & daily agenda you need, we will make our best to help with you efficiently.



ADD: 301, NO.233 PingKang Road, Shiqiao St.,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 511400

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