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What we should know before running board book project

20 Jun 2019 - board book,board book printing,custom board book

Unlike the normal book, the board books are more durable and suitable for children especially from 3-5 ages when they are at a stages so curious about learning new things, while they use books with a ungentle way:)

custom board book printing

It derive many types board books from normal board books, such as hardcover board book, touch and feel board book, puzzle board book, sound board book, board book with a handle on spine etc. Our customers always come up with many new ideas to make board books so that our children will enjoy the pleasure of reading, so as we are!

Here I would like to share you something with board book before you start board book business:

1.About “spread”, differ from normal book, we called 2 connected pages on board book as spread, the front and back cover also regards as a spread too. So when you’ re asking for a quote about your board book project, please kindly make it clear if your spreads number are correct and if spreads include covers or not.

2.Round corner is always done for board book which is perfect when reading by children. With round corner, board book do not hurt children’ skin easily and to a certain extent it will be good for book corner when book fall from high.  

3.When you require a quote for touch and feel book, to be honest, we couldn’ t show you the texture you need, because the texture need to purchase from accessories suppliers. After order confirm, we would go to market to search texture until you say yes to them.

4.If you have a certain budge for running your project, we may help to consider to smaller the book size which may save plate fee; change paper material or lessen spread number, but all depend on you. You’ ll get a workable solution when you start your project here!  

5.We always use soy ink and recycle paper for making board book which is safe for kids. Buz when we all knows that small babies want to taste anything they can touch and see, you’ re safe working with us.

The above are what I know about the board book by now. Hope it helps a lot.  You’ re welcome to get a quote at: http://www.book-printing-factory.com. Your inquiry will get a quick attention. Warmly welcome to visit our store at Alibaba for more information: http://seseprinting.en.alibaba.com.



ADD: 301, NO.233 PingKang Road, Shiqiao St.,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 511400

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